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Hi there, I’m Carla

I'm a multi-passionate individual with a diverse background in design, yoga, mindfulness teaching, Montessori education, and early childhood development. As a proud mother of three grown children, I draw from personal experiences to deepen my understanding of parenthood and family dynamics.

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Carla embodies diverse passions and talents, including Montessori Education, Early Childhood Development, Design, Yoga & and Mindfulness teaching. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Design, she infuses her work with a distinctive blend of creativity and adept problem-solving.

Endowed with certifications as a yoga instructor and mindfulness trainer, Carla champions these disciplines' profound impact on children's holistic well-being. As a dedicated Montessori guide, she advocates for self-directed learning and cherishes the uniqueness of every child.

Her role as a mother to three grown children enriches Carla's insights into the complexities of parenthood and familial dynamics. The inception of "ele," her brainchild, is centered on cultivating children's growth through authenticity, empathy, and trust.

Carla's ultimate aspiration is to kindle the latent potential within individuals, nurturing their curiosity, happiness, and sense of connection throughout their lifetimes.


Carla is a childhood specialist with certifications in Montessori, yoga, mindfulness, and parent mentoring. Early in her career, she earned a bachelor's degree in design, providing a unique blend of creative skills and holistic expertise for the well-being of children and families.


My Montessori certification fuels my passion for self-directed learning and respect for each child's individuality. Through "ele," a program I founded, I empower parents, teachers, and caregivers to create nurturing environments that foster emotional intelligence, resilience, and healthy relationships.


Inspire individuals to tap into their potential, fostering curiosity, joy, and connection for a lasting positive impact on children's lives.

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